Learn To Fly with our Heads-Up Display (HUD)


720p at 30 Hz, about 62MB, freely downloadable or playable.

Fly Safer

* Note: Because iOS does not have access to the true airspeed information on your pitot tube (only GPS information), you are asked to enter headwind information for your airport when our HUD app first starts up.

Review Flights

Our HUD makes it easy to record your takeoffs and landings with speed and altitude information. The built-in video display, with speed, altitude, and descent information makes it easy to review your progress in peace and quiet at home.

Get Started

  1. Install our HUD URL not yet set from the Apple iOS store.
  2. Fix your iphone to your dashboard (e.g., using a RAM Mount), camera facing forward out of the cockpit window, ideally roughly centered.
  3. Enable Screen Recording in the Control Center. Then pull down the iOS "control center" and press the iOS "screen record" button. (Optionally disable the sleep parameters in Settings/Brightness.)
  4. Start our HUD.



Note: Small corrections and fixes to be expected. Display should state "knots GPS GS + knots Headwind." Add heading information.

The Full Sample Flying Video

The following are some full videos, taken while experimenting with settings, etc. Both were taken in December 2019 in a 2006 Flight Design CTSW.

Flight at KRYN on 12/30/2019

This video is from a maintenance flight at Ryan Airfield (AirNav):

720p at 30 Hz, about 62MB, freely downloadable or playable.