Heads Up Display (HUD) on iPads and iPhones for Aircraft Pilots

Our heads-up-display app for iOS (iPads and iPhones) makes it easy to see your speed and descent rate on your airplane dashboard at a glance and to record your landings and takeoffs for later review.

Learn to Fly and Fly Safer

Review Landings and Takeoffs

1-2-3 Get Up and Running

  1. Install our app from the Apple iOS store by clicking on the icon.

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  2. Fix your iphone to your dashboard (e.g., using an iPad mount from Sporty's or Aircraft Spruce), camera facing forward out of the cockpit window, ideally roughly centered in the cockpit, in landscape orientation. (IMPORTANT: you do not want a projectile in the cockpit. Make sure it is fastened well. Also, check that it is placed to that it does not affect your compass.)
  3. Enable Screen Recording in the Control Center. Then pull down the iOS "control center" and press the iOS "screen record" button. (Optionally disable the sleep parameters in Settings/Brightness.)
  4. Start our HUD.


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Useful Advice

Future Enhancements and Bugs

We are thinking of allowing entering not just the headwind component but the wind direction and speed. We could then use it to fix up estimate speed and warnings on all four legs. The drawback is complications with magnetic vs geo headings. If our HUD app catches on, and there is demand, we could add it. for now, the app works very nicely.

If you have suggestions, please email us: Akash Munagala and Ivo Welch.

If you find bugs, please email us: Akash Munagala and Ivo Welch.

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Privacy Policy

Our iOS app 'Learn to Fly: Heads Up Display' does not store any user data on our servers. Any data collected, including location data, is kept on the user's device and not retrieved by us.

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